Daniel Levi is a five-piece contemporary pop collective from Tallinn, Estonia, whose sonic layers of soul, funk and R’n’B are armed with a lively spirit. The group is led by the creative force of their frontman Daniel Levi Viinalass, whose emotionally charged songwriting and unique presence is inspired by life’s spontaneity and his childhood in the USA. Daniel Levi is household name in Estonia, regularly appearing on national TV and radios and gaining more and more attention internationally.Their journey through music has taken Daniel Levi across different tones and exciting sound experiments. They created a huge buzz in the electronic pop scene with collaborating with a local EDM success Cartoon for the hit single “On & On”, that has racked up over 518 million plays on Spotify and YouTube all over the world. Today Daniel Levi has arrived at a timeless pop sound glowing with elements of soul, funk, R’n’B and rock that’s bound together by a strong message and a forceful energy that infects the listener on first impact.

"Daniel Levi seems to be able to experiment with many sounds and styles, but it’s actually in their musical injections of soul-R&B-pop good-time energy where they truly shine. Their latest single ‘Uncle John’, released in March 2020 brings to mind Bruno Mars or The Weeknd, wielding a big personality and sharp presence. That’s where the thrilling energy lies, and this is where they triumph." Europavox